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Blog de montgomeryvasconcelos

Teacher Competed in 1st place since 1991 to UFMS, doctor in Communication and Semiotics/PUC-SP, president of FUCIRLA-SP, renders support to the Embassy of Brazil in Honduras, in the case Zelaya!


São Paulo, November 2, 2009.

Of the: Prof. Dr. Montgomery Vasconcelos

For: United Nations

Through: President of Brazil

Subject: Request and it denounces

Reference: Accusation to the United Nations on perjury crime and transfer of responsibility of the United States of North America against 20 countries of Latin America in the case Manuel Zelaya, president of Honduras.

the case honduras


Honorable Organization of the United Nations,

It is correct, loyal, humanist and harmonized with the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights Manuel Zelaya's welcome in the Embassy of Brazil in Honduras, in Central America! Wrong he belongs the state of siege activist to the government Honduran dictator to the Embassy of Brazil! It deserves prominence the diplomacy of Itamarati [I Supply there of the External Relationships Celso Amorim et all] that in the largest noble gesture for the democracy and human rights, before the world in only one bravery action, making proud 200 million Brazilians, it welcomes President Manuel Zelaya. Boss of deported State in a humiliating and shameful way for democracy and for democratic state of right and in fact in Latin America.

Zelaya is deported by a disgusting bed-of-cat activist's of false legalists from Honduras, that they commit Latin America in an irreversible way blow vile, sordid and harsh. Enough of inopportune blows in Latin America because the times changed and no there is more space for usurpers than they lose the trolley of the changes, besides the USA, brown prominences of all dictatorships that the same ones sponsor in Latin America.

Does the legalistic false activists' group have to wake up of the amorphous sleep, because they don't see that this practice is passed and outrageous for Central America? Don't they see that nor does more at least work in the fifth of the hells that will say in Latin America? Why now does close communication vehicles, the only democratic channel open to the people of Honduras and of the world? Why do besiege and do they try to invade the Embassy of Brazil now in Honduras? Are they terrified for the popular condemnation what invades to the streets, to the squares, to the Embassy of Brazil in Honduras in his more legitimate elect representative's favor for the people, for people and with the people? The democracy for Latin America price expensive, priceless cost because the coin was validated even in lives of martyrs, idealists, dreamer and innocent, sacrificed by the sordid mentors, the USA, that they demand to the dictatorships in Latin America.

When the boat threatens to sink the mice are the first ones to abandon him. Nor it is of frightening that Mr. Lewis Amselem's North American diplomacy, in an instant action of diplomatic incompetence, or else omission crime, as of the North American diplomats' sordid custom, that they always behave without composure humanist in these circumstances activists in Latin America: they abandon the moths the negotiations and they transfer the responsibility to the causes and unknown destinies. It was not enough him such a diplomatic madness, now it makes responsible Venezuela and Brazil for the deported President's Manuel Zelaya destiny in Tegucigalpa, the only scapegoat of the perverse diplomacy of the USA. Who didn't see this same film when the USA gave blow in Chavez, in Venezuela, and did the Venezuelan people bring him of turn with the help of Brazil and did it reelect him through democratic transparency?

Now, also, more than never, Honduras and any of the 20 integral countries of Latin America are subject and priority of Brazil. Have seen that among the 20 Brazil was who more he paid price so loud and for that he has the moral responsibility, politics, economical, social, ideological, anthropological, juridical and world for never to allow such disgusting blows happen again, as, for instance, this ship of insane Honduran, to the drift, committing the democracy so face for Latin America.

Democracy and surrounded human rights! It was only what lacked in the middle of the third millennium. Where is the National Union of the Students? Where is State Americans' Organization? Where is the Organization of the United Nations? Where is the Movement of Students of Brazil? Where is the Movement of Students of Latin America? Where are the Intellectuals? Where are the Workers? Where are the Citizens? Where are the Politicians? Where is the Camera? Where is the Senate? Where are the Jurists? Where are the Authorities Civil, Military, Philanthropic and Nuns? Where are the Movements of the 20 countries of Latin America? Why don't join to the Diplomacy of Itamarati in the defense for the democracy conquered at the expense of lives, fights, perspiration and blood? Why don't join now in the defense for the legitimate democratic state of right and in fact in Latin America? So doing wait for the something? Latin America united will be won never by the USA, unconditional backers of those dirtied dictatorships, the proofs are their seven military bases installed in Colombia. And amaze, for order of the Nobel Peace Prize: Obama!

President Lula should never give up a millimeter at least of that extraordinary conquest of the democracy and of the human rights in Latin America, still more for legalistic, selfish false activists, bad-carateres and unsocial persons, that put risk the democratic destiny and the human rights of 20 Latin-American countries in a constraining shame before the world.

In every Latin America, President Lula is who more he has spoilt moral authority for 200 million Brazilians for negotiating the maintenance of the democratic state in fact and of right; authority political, economical, social, ideological, anthropological, juridical and world, that back him in that difficult negotiation task. President Lula is the only cut for such, because he enjoys 85% of Public opinion poll in Brazil. Finally, growing acceptance because not even Obama, with decreasing acceptance in this point, has such authority and world respect for such. Proves recent of that was the implacable determination for great global negotiations of the Pious President Lula when bringing for Brazil the World cup of 2014 and the Olympic Games Rio/2016.

(Prof. Dr. Montgomery Vasconcelos is competed in 1st place since 1991 to the career of the superior teaching in the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul/UFMS, Doctor in Communication and Semiotics/PUC-SP and president of the Fundação Científica Reis de Leão e das Astúrias/Fucirla-SP)

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